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Thread: three ducks a bar a punchline you've been there

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    Default three ducks a bar a punchline you've been there

    hree ducks waddle into a bar.

    "Well, Hi there" says the bemused bartender. We don't get very many
    ducks here. but don"t worry, it's not because of the prices. this
    isn"t that kinf of a joke."

    "So, what's your name?" he asks the first duck.
    "Drake, Hugh Drake." replies the duck, doing his best Sean Connery

    Well, Hugh, how are you doing today?" asked the friendly barman.

    "Oh, can't complain at all, life is good. I've been in and out of
    puddles all day, a duck couldn't ask for better than that."

    "All righty then. And who might you be?" the bartender asked the
    second duck.

    "Lou's the name. Lou Mallard" muttered the duck, doing a dead on Bogie

    "Having a good day, I hope?" asked the barman.

    "A mighty fine day for a mighty duck indeed - in and out of puddles
    since the break of day.

    "So, we have a Huey and a Louie - I would guess, then, that you must
    be Dewey?" guessed the barkeep.

    "Right you'd be, sonny" replied the third duck, sounding exactly like
    Mae West. "Dewey Ann Howe's the name. But my friends all call me

    Do you remember the twenty-first night of September?

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